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BodyNetix @ Home

Online workouts for all fitness levels

Sometimes you can't get to the gym; maybe you have little ones, teenagers in sports, or a schedule that is always changing, so we've created BodyNetix At Home. BodyNetix At Home is a subscription-based online fitness program with loads of live online workouts, videos, health tips and wellness content to help you stay active and healthy from home or on the go!

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Personal Training

How it works

What you get

  • Virtual live workouts with a certified BodyNetix trainer

  • Pre-recorded workouts for you to do whenever you like

  • Fun fitness challenges (because everyone loves a good challenge!)

  • Frequent health and wellness check-ins

  • Healthy recipes

  • Health and fitness tips

  • Private online community group with BodyNetix trainers and other BodyNetix At Home subscribers


$75 per month

To sign up for BodyNetix At Home, email!

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