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Our Trainers

Meet our trainers! They're more than just a bunch of pretty faces...



Co-owner, Group Fitness Instructor and Personal Trainer

Lover of healthy living, fitness, food and fun! Passionate about animals, the outdoors, and chocolate. I also have a Black Belt in Muay Thai. For me, achieving balance is one of the most important things in life. My motto has always been "if it's not fun, stop it!"


Co-owner, Group Fitness Instructor and Personal Trainer

Long distance relay competitor, outdoor enthusiast, and an ultra marathon finisher. I found my passion for running many moons ago and that led me to my love of fitness and all things outdoors. How lucky am I to get to work and play in the beautiful Comox Valley!

Erin group fitness class instructor


Group Fitness Instructor

Erin is our client turned trainer! After years of being a client, always working on staying strong for her tree planting seasons, Erin made the career change and joined Team Bodynetix. We couldn’t be happier! Erin brings with her a group fitness certification, and loads of enthusiasm and creativity. You can find Erin teaching Fitcamp and Total Strength throughout the week and you might even look over at your fellow fitcamper and it will be Erin working out beside you!

Ally group fitness class instructor


Group Fitness Instructor and Personal Trainer

Some of you may recognize Ally as the former owner of Dodge City Crossfit, or maybe you've seen her at Cumberland Rec where she also teaches classes and personal trains, OR it could be from the mountains, beaches, and trails, in and around Cumberland and the
Comox Valley! We're excited to have this most awesome fitness trainer and outdoor enthusiast as part of our team. You'll see Ally instructing two noon hour classes per week
and also occasionally covering some regular fitcamps and weekends.

Personal trainer Cassandra von Niessen.


Group Fitness Instructor and Personal Trainer

Soccer lover, KidSport Comox Valley Executive Member, Teacher, Fitcamp for Kids SD71 Leader, and Fitness Race Competitor. If I didn't work out I'd probably be a vigilante... Like Batman. Definitely Batman.

343639620_1188708861817774_4368021476453572379_n (1).jpg


Group Fitness Instructor and Personal Trainer

Lataisha is a certified ACE Personal Trainer with specialties in Fitness Nutrition and Orthopaedic Exercise. Lataisha actively trains for Strongman and Powerlifting competitions and has earned the title of 2nd Strongest Woman in BC and has set records in Dinnie Stones along with a Canadian Powerlifting record for Squat in the 110KG class and a National Deadlift at 420lbs. We’re excited to have Lataisha as part of the BodyNetix Family! Lataisha teaches Fitcamp and Total Strength classes, and Personal Training.

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