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Kind words from some awesome people!

Hey ladies, This is your girl Erin who you saw many times this winter until I headed into the bush. I just wanted to give you a huge thank you for your work and for being a solid in my life this past year. You guys are an inspiration, you have taught me so much about myself and what I am capable of. Thanks to you I'm having my best season yet, I feel strong and energized every day. I'm grateful for the community you've created and welcomed me into and I can't wait to return. I hope your spring on the island has been sunny, colourful, and sweaty.

- Erin Wilson

“It took me a long time to learn that there are many ways to be an athlete, and that fitness is a life long journey.   I am so grateful to the BodyNetix team who helped me rediscover this.”

- Elaine Kerr


“It is never too late to change, it’s never too late to start new healthy habits and give thanks to your body that lets you live every day! I want to thank Megan C, Raida, Megan P, Jackie and Cassandra for their leadership and being such great role models.  Their words of encouragement over the years has been so beneficial to the way I look at myself.  It’s all about how you feel and knowing you are worth it!”

- Heather Healy


“I am grateful for the 2018 21-day challenge.  Megan P, Megan C, and Raida are excellent trainers.  I consider them friends.  They have created a community.  A community of wellness…”

- Steve Blacklock


“Definitely a credit to you all. I've been going to the gym since the days of Jane Fonda (and yes I did have one of her exercise videos) including a year of personal training and this is by far the most I've enjoyed myself and been challenged. Pain and all! “

- Tina Stevens


Great trainers doesn't even begin to describe the team at BodyNetix. Each person has their own reasons for working out at BodyNetix and the trainers are there every step of the way with support, encouragement, and knowledge to help everyone achieve their individual goals. I started at BodyNetix over a year ago with the goal of becoming stronger and fitter to take biking and running to the next level, I was preparing for my first adventure race. I could not believe the improvement I saw in just my first month. It seems now that every month I find a way to improve on or do something I didn't think was possible before BodyNetix... Great supportive environment, challenging and always too much fun. Thank you to the great team at BodyNetix and to all the great people who I get to train with.

- Tom Muncaster


No more back problems and I'm better, faster and stronger than I ever was... Thanks to my Friends and Family that put up with me during the tough times, and thanks to the Crew at BodyNetix for getting me back to where I can Enjoy Life Again!

- Andrew Rice


I just completed my first year at BodyNetix and I'm definitely continuing on into my second year! I feel they definitely live by their motto “Live Long, Live Strong". Thank you!

- Suzanne Tsai


And you've done it again! By far the best fitness facility in the valley! My first class back and I'm addicted! Despite barely being able to walk lol. I missed my fit camps and excited to start to feel like "me” again!

- Erin Rideout


Killer workout today! Thanks Megan Cofield! You're the

- Nicole Fowler


Excellent Tabbata workout with Raida Bolton today! More please :)

- Susanne Sampson


Thank you Megan C for a super fun (and challenging) noon hour FitCamp. Amazing how much awesome you packed and planned for us in 50 minutes :)

- Margaret Hamilton


During July and August I had no BodyNetix so I devoted 4 evenings per week by myself to run and workout at a track by the base. September I was back at Bodynetix 1-2 days again but come October I tried the morning class and kicked up BodyNetix classes to 5 days per week... I was hooked. I love working out in the mornings and I am in so much better shape in just these last 3+ months. I am thankful to the BodyNetix staff and the friends who urged me to try these am classes in the first place. Changed my fitness journey to an even better level. Now I'm doing this challenge, I'm meeting more fellow bodynetix peeps and am very happy I've done so. To all my Co-workouters best of luck with the challenge and on your fitness journey keep up the good work!!!

- Tracy Blake


I knew when I was contemplating whether or not to do this challenge, I would have to do back to back classes. The goal for me, when I decided to do this challenge was to do 21 fitcamps in 21 days. If I lost weight or inches that would be a bonus!! However, I didn't realize how much better I would feel!! I feel empowered, energized, I sleep better, I am making better choices nutritionally. Don't get me wrong, I did hurt a lot last week when I started. It took a lot of self-motivation and hot baths to get me through my first week of back to back classes!! Honestly, the support and encouragement of my fellow fit campers and trainers has given me the extra drive to continue on. Let's do this!!

- Michelle Irvine

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