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Programs & Classes

We have a variety of fitness classes and training programs to help you reach your fitness goals!




FITCAMP  is our cornerstone bootcamp class. It consists of full body workouts combining cardio drills and strength training with core building and bodyweight exercises. The beauty of FITCAMP is you'll never see the same class twice in a row. The variations of exercises will keep your body from plateauing and it will keep the results coming in.


SMALL GROUP TRAINING is offered for those looking for a smaller group setting that allows for more one-on-one time with one of our trainers. These 4 - 6 person sessions provide more attention, personalized workouts, and a comfortable and more private setting.


HIIT CORE CARDIO is a 45-minute high-intensity class. The class is focused on improving cardiovascular health and is all about getting your sweat on. 


STRONG MOM is a class for you new moms who want to get right back into the swing of things after the little one arrives. You can even bring your little one and the stroller because weather permitting, we may take this workout outside.


TOTAL STRENGTH is our strength based class. Expect a full-body, hard-hitting weights class in an awesome group setting.  This class is all about focusing on form, proper execution and having a good time.




PERSONAL TRAINING sessions are all about you and your goals. Perhaps you prefer one on one training or maybe it just works better for your schedule. Accountability, motivation, personalized workouts, healthy living guidance … Expect all of this and more from your Personal Trainer. Our trainers work to understand your comfort levels and can adapt to your style. They will work with you one-on-one, or with your partner, and focus their attention on your needs in order to develop a program specific to your goals whether it is weight loss, muscle gain, flexibility, strength, endurance or any other goals you’re looking to achieve.


For more information about our personal training sessions, or to speak to a trainer about developing a program that works best for your lifestyle, email us at or phone us at 250.871.2400.




BODYNETIX 21-DAY CHALLENGE is as awesome as it sounds. 21 hours of fitness in 21 days. It is a full variation of workouts based off of our boot camp-style classes like Total Strength, Core HIIT, and Fitcamp. The 21 Day Challenge also includes fitness testing, progress monitoring, and nutrition coaching. Remember, it takes 21 days to make something a habit. Kick ass for 21 days, and you'll find yourself wanting to continue. Stay tuned for our next 21-Day Challenge start date! Click here to see prices, or Email us to sign up!




Specialty Programs

Does a teenager in your household want to take it to the next level in their sport? Do you want to start a group workout program with your colleagues? do you want to improve your overall health and wellness? We have specialty programs catered to pursuing your specific goals! whether it's hockey tryouts, looking even more ravishing in that perfect dress, improving your overall mental and physical wellness, or promoting an active and healthy workplace, we've got you covered! 

Youth Athlete Training
Corporate Fitness
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