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Jasmin's Fitness Journey: Chapter 2 - Pushing Boundaries

Well first off, THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! The love and support I have received since my first ever blog post has been unbelievable! I am absolutely honoured to go through this life changing journey with each and every one of you! It still feels surreal to be told I am an inspiration especially when I look around the gym and see so many of you running faster, crushing goals and cheering each other on. My hard work, determination and progression comes from our amazingly awesome atmosphere at BodyNetix!

Another 21-Day Challenge has come to a close. Congratulations, Jordan, on a well-deserved and impressive win! It is so incredible to see so many positive results in everyone who participated - we are all winners! This is my third challenge, and again I was able to achieve weight and inch loss, and improve my overall fitness level. This challenge helped me achieve my biggest goal yet… I have finally broken the 200-pound mark, weighing in at 198 pounds! It was such a fanTABulous feeling to step on the scale and actually see those numbers! Weight has not been a major intention of mine; how I feel and inches are so much more important to me but it was still very rewarding. These challenges have been so powerful in making drastic transformations to my body, mind and lifestyle. But what truly makes this experience extraordinary are the people. The energy is so electrifying from everyone working hard and building each other up. It really does not matter what your fitness level, body shape, or age is because everyone is striving for the same goal of becoming healthier and happier. So, who’s in for the next challenge?!

My 21-Day Challenge Results

Pushing Boundaries: BodyNetix is known for its targeted workouts and targeted they are! What I greatly appreciate is being provided with a safe environment to explore and push limits. I can honestly say I have done things in this gym I could never have imagined ever doing. Nothing feels impossible, in fact the realm of possibilities seems never ending. When I initially started I could not jump with both feet onto a single step. Now I can jump 9 risers plus a step - check it out! However, I cannot take all the credit for achieving this goal. The amazing BodyNetix trainers have been conditioning me to become stronger and agile. Then there were my gym mates in class that day. It was their support that pushed me to set aside my fears and just go for it. It is astonishing what can happen when you let go of your inhibitions and just believe you can. I have definitely had moments where I let my mind be what stopped me from reaching a goal, but I am learning to overcome this because we CAN do whatever we put out mind to.

Pushing My Boundaries

Tips & Tricks: Going to the gym for the past twenty-eight months has taught me a lot about myself and the reality of how real the struggle is to stay motivated. I have experienced mostly ups, and some downs throughout my journey, but it has been pretty surprising how potent these downs can be. It is so easy to make excuses as to why we cannot make it to the gym; I'm too busy, or it is too dreary outside, or I am not in the mood (these are excuses I have used in the past). We all know sweating is extremely beneficial as it reduces stress, unclogs pores, and just makes you happier! Yet, there are days that going to the gym to sweat is the last thing I want to do. So, if I can pass along one piece of advice it would be to commit to a buddy system. A buddy will make exercising fun! I have had many buddies join me throughout my journey and my most recent buddy is my Mom, Ruth Ann. I never thought I would see the day the two of us would be exercising side by side, encouraging each other to become better, faster and stronger. What I treasure most about having my mom as my buddy is we are spending quality time together and getting to know each other on a totally different level. Just last month myself, Mama, and tremendous trainer Raida (and her daughter Hannah and friend Emily) went to Vancouver to run The Colour Run. What a blast we had! And that was a whole other accomplishment in itself! All in all, the best part of the buddy system is we experience soreness together, we celebrate goals together, and at the end of every workout we feel fanTABulous together!

2016 Colour Run in Vancouver

I have had questions as to how you can follow my blog. Please visit It is a shared blog. You will see BodyNetix posts at the beginning of every month and my posts in the middle of every month. Equally as exciting are the monthly BodyNetix Newsletters! There you will receive the latest news, healthy recipes and updates. I highly recommend subscribing!

Thank you again for joining me on my fitness journey, your love and support means the world to me. Please post your goals and even struggles because there is strength in numbers and we WILL conquer this journey together!

Jasmin <3 <3 <3

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