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Back to Basics

Back to the basics - Consistency

Recently I decided to go back to my basics, my running basics. This might sound silly to some of you, but I really did feel the need to regroup my running. Yeah sure I can run and I love to run. In the last few weeks I even completed a couple of races. But when I look back at my last few months of running I see I had completely gotten off track with my basics, with why I like to run. In September I ran 5 times and 3 of them were in the same weekend. What happened?! I seemed to have developed this crazy thinking that if I didn’t climb a crazy hill, and didn’t run a long distance, if it wasn’t epic, then I shouldn’t do it. I turned what I enjoyed doing, into a chore. What! We (yes, ok, me) seem to set these crazy standards for ourselves, get this crazy mindset that if it’s not a huge thing it’s not really worthy.

So yes, I’m going back to my basics. While cruising the World Wide Web one evening I came across a challenge. 30 minutes of running every day for 30 days. There were some run/walk options and hikes added in, the basics were the 30 for 30. I actually passed over it at first thinking, ”meh, 30 minutes”. Then I thought about it more. November is always a tough month, with time change, with yucky weather. It’s a month that starts the time when we want to hunker down, bundle up, and stay inside. Time change, darker days, rain, and more west coast rain. What a better month to challenge myself back to my basics. Also, what a better time to challenge some pals to joining me. Oh yes, the bets are on, making it even more fun. If a day is missed, you're buying coffee. A simple, fun, challenge and bet.

So here we are part way through November and I’ve earned myself a couple coffees. My random epic runs have gone back to the runs for fun. Steady and consistent. I stopped checking my pace, my elevation, my heart rate. 30 minutes. How far doesn’t matter. How high doesn’t matter. 30 minutes. I run how I feel at the time, fast or slow, wherever I want to go. 30 minutes. Back to my basics. I feel great!! Only downside I can see so far is more laundry. Oh, and I might have to buy coffee once or twice in 30 days, but really whoopie, I buy coffee, get teased, and carry on with my challenge. I will do my best not to miss a day but you just never know what any day will bring. It certainly won’t stop me from continuing on. Also, although there’s a fun bet during this challenge, it’s still a challenge to myself and I take it seriously. I tell everyone I can, for me, this helps hold me accountable, and probably drives everyone crazy, ANOTHER run post to social media. The coffee bet adds some fun, and it's simple and it's an easy motivator. Having someone to share, tease, run, and laugh with is really great but what it comes down to is each of us will do the best we can. So what’s your “basic”? What do you miss? What have you been wanting to get doing again? What made you feel better? What made you smile? Even what made you relax? There’s so many simple things that we loose track of doing as we carry on with our busy lives. But all these things, when we get back to them, make us better happier stronger more relaxed. It’s not always epic or “go big or go home”. Maybe it’s drinking an extra 24oz of water a day. Maybe it’s to commit to 3 days a week at the gym. Maybe it's to hit the pool 4 days a week like you used to. Maybe it's to get to bed before 10pm 4 nights a week or read a whole book. Perhaps meditate for 20 minutes every morning, or hit a 30min walk with a family member. The possibilities are endless!! Dig into your memory bank. Find that “thing”. Keep it simple. Go back to your basics. Most important….set a goal that’s specific, achievable, and takes a little work. You won’t be disappointed. As I edit this for the final time it is November 22 and I have not missed a day. Eight more days to go!! Woot Woot!! Every day I have started my run with my only goal being 30 minutes. Sometimes that’s all it’s been, other times it turned into 45 minutes, or an hour. Crazy how when you set a goal and you pass it...even for just a few minutes, it feels so great!! Woot woot I got this!!

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