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Don't miss out on our next 30-day challenge!

The BodyNetix 30-Day Challenge starts on September 19, 2022, and it's as awesome as it sounds: 30 days of fitness, nutrition, and fun! The goal of the Challenge is to form new and healthy habits, achieve personal victories (big or small) and have a ton of fun along the way. The Challenge incorporates all of our boot camp-style classes like Total Strength, Core HIIT, and Fitcamp. At the beginning of every week we’ll add a new trio of fun challenges and themes to keep things fresh. The Challenge also includes fitness testing, progress monitoring, and nutrition coaching, and a fun point system (yes, we use stickers!) so you can track your progress along the way. And, there are prizes! Here are all the details:

What will the four weeks look like?

We’ll begin your 30-day journey by setting a baseline with measurements and fitness testing. Throughout the four weeks we'll have a variety of fun challenges, themes, and goals that will help you form healthy habits and make solid progress. We’ll also give you some nutrition guidelines with tips and recipes to help you get started. You’ll receive a schedule of the weeks to come and we'll go over our points system too.

What are the challenges & themes?

Group Fitness Class Attendance

We'll have a giant whiteboard in the gym with your name and a calendar. At the conclusion of each group fitness class you attend during the 30-day challenge, you put a sticker next to your name. The more group classes you attend the more points (and stickers) you get. Our goal here is to get you into a routine!

Pick Your Victory

When you meet your fellow 30-Day Challengers. We want you to “pick your victory”. This can be anything you like related to fitness, health and wellness! Some examples are: no drinking alcohol for 30 days (or cutting back your consumption), increasing your water intake, no ordering takeout, no drinking soda or sugary drinks (i.e. no pop), attend 4 group classes a week, increase your running time around both buildings, go for a walk every evening after work. You pick! We'll ask you to write down your victory and we want you to stick to it throughout the Challenge. Consistent small victories lead to big improvements!

Steps Challenge

We're incorporating a step challenge into our 30-day Challenge! The more steps you take, the more points you get. We want you to download an easy step-counter app on your phone or your smart watch (if you don't already have one) and keep track of your daily step counts. At the end of each week we'll give out points for reaching different step benchmarks. Each week will end on Sunday night and restart Monday morning.

Step benchmarks:

  • 60,000 steps

  • 80,000 steps

  • 100,000 steps

  • Over 500,000 steps in 30 days

More steps = more points, and we'll give out bonus points for reaching more than 500,000 steps in 30 days. Remember to keep track of your steps! Write them down on a notepad or a journal at the end of every day and keep it on your nightstand if you need to. We want everyone to keep their bodies moving!

Weekly Cooking Challenge

What you eat is just as important (if not more) than how much you move. So, we're going to give you one new food item at the start of each week. Over the course of that week, we want you to come up with three meals made with that food. Yes, you get points for them, and we want you to share your dishes on our Facebook page! Here are the foods:

  • Week 1: Quinoa

  • Week 2: Avocado

  • Week 3: Chickpeas

  • Week 4: Arugula

Health eating doesn't have to be boring, so have some fun! We'll also be sharing recipes with these foods on our social media and re-sharing inspiration we get for fun and creative healthy meals.

Fitness Theme of the Week

In addition to attending regular group fitness classes and getting into a routine, we also want you to try new things, and get out and about! Each of the four weeks will have a theme:

Week 1: New Activity Week

In the first week we want you to try some thing new! Pick a fun new activity you haven't done before but you've always wanted to try: Curling, Baseball, Rollerblading, Paddleboarding, Bowling, a Martail Arts class, Mountain biking, for example!

Week 2: Bring a Friend Week

Bring a friend or family member who has never come to a BodyNetix class but has always wanted to give us a try. Now's the time to show them what we're all about! Working out is better with friends.

Week 3: Fresh Air Week

In the third week we want you to get outside. Pick an outdoor activity every day this week, even if it's simply going for a walk on a nearby trail or beach. Get outside and get some fresh air and vitamin D!

Week 4: PR Week

For the final week we want you to hit a PR! Squat, Bench or Curl heavier than you have before, Run a faster time than you have before. Do your fastest lap around both buildings, pick up those heavier weights. We want you to challenge yourself! This is an excellent test of your progress throughout the 30 days. You don't know your own strength until you test it!

Each weekly theme has points attached, so keep track of all the fun stuff you do by taking a photo or writing it down!

We're excited to start this 30-day Challenge with you. The upcoming 30-Day Challenge starts on September 19, 2022. Don't miss out! Send us a message on Facebook, give us a call at 250-871-2400, or email us at to sign up!

There will be weekly draw prizes, winners' prizes for the most points, and some fun giveaways along the way!


$65 + gst for Unlimited members

$105 + gst for Limited members

$225 + gst for non-members


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