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Jasmin's Fitness Journey: Chapter 4 - Not Just a Place to Sweat

Since I was welcomed into the BodyNetix family back in 2014, I have gained a vast knowledge of how to treat, listen and nourish my body. I am sure there are many of you who have situations and stories where the trainers educated you, here are some examples from my own experiences.


No doubt when I first began I struggled just to get through the warm up, let alone two classes a week. But I kept at it, and slowly increased the number of days I worked out from 2 to 5 days a week. So, no matter your fitness level, remember that commitment to yourself will always result in improvement.


During the beginning of my journey I had regular visits with a physiotherapist. The biggest lesson I got from this is was if I kept up on form, I would require less and less the need for physical therapy. The trainers always make sure to point out when I’m doing an exercise improperly or if needed give me a modification to accommodate any injuries. If ever unsure of a movement, simply ask a trainer because they have all the answers tailor fit to each member.


At first I was only going to Fitcamp’s and over time my body started to plateau. It was explained to me that if the exercise is never changed, then my body will adapt to the demands and my results will level off. So, I started to experiment with other classes, and now I am to a routine where I like to do Monday and Tuesday Fitcamp’s; Tuesday and Thursday Total Strength classes; and Yoga on Saturday’s. Not only is this routine benefiting my body and mental state, but it is so much FUN to have such diverse workout routines.


I will be the first to confess that, for much of my life, I lived off of processed foods and junk. It wasn’t until I entered my thirties that I started to become more conscious about what I was putting in my body. It is still a struggle, but I am learning to make healthier and consistent food choices. It wasn’t until I made these changes did I start to see drastic differences in my physique and frame of mind. Too bad we all couldn’t have a pocket-sized version of each trainer every time we went to the grocery store!


Our bodies are a remarkable mechanism. If treated right they can achieve amazing accomplishments. As important as exercise and nutrition are to our bodies, so is recovery. We all want to set and exceed our goals, and sometimes we think overtraining will get us there, but I have learned this is not true. Our trainers have taught me that rest and recovery allow the body time to repair and strengthen itself between workouts. Which makes a lot of sense when I think of the millions of burpees, squats and lunges they make us do, and sometimes we double up our classes and do another million more burpees, squats and lunges! That takes a major toll on our bodies, so I started incorporating Friday and Sunday rest days. Soon after I started to see even more drastic changes in my physique, and mental state.

As Bodynetix members, we don’t just have a place to sweat, we have trainers who are passionate about empowering us to be the healthiest and strongest version of ourselves. It also helps that we have built a family to call on for support and celebrate achievements. So, all in all we are given the tools to make forever lifestyle choices, and this is the best gift we can give ourselves!

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

Jasmin <3

P.S. If you haven't already seen the new BodyNetix video by Island Soul Fims, Check it out!

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