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Jasmin's Fitness Journey: Chapter 6 - Crushing Mental Blocks

Mental blocks; many of us face them at some point in time especially at the gym. They are an interesting phenomenon because in most cases our bodies are more than capable of completing an exercise, yet our brains can have the power to stop us in our tracks. I have faced many mental blocks on my journey, and surprisingly one of them were captured in a picture. When I first started, I was unable to jump with both feet. Raida noticed, and being the amazing trainer that she is, came up with mini steps to help build up my courage to overcome this block and soon I was jumping with both feet. I continually worked on these building blocks then one day I box jumped 9 risers. As frickin’ fanTABulous as this was, a new mental blocked was revealed.

If you look at the picture below, you see an impressive member jumping up on the wooden box, and with ease I might add. I was so excited with jumping the risers I felt I was ready to take on the box. As soon as I attempted the jump, I froze midair and no matter how many times I tried my brain just kept stopping me. Megan, another remarkable BodyNetix trainer, saw something was happening and had me come back to the risers. She showed me I was jumping a higher distance than the height of the box. So, once I realized this I went back to the box and tried again. Unfortunately, the block kept over powering me. With my now pregnant situation, I am no longer participating in such risky exercises, but mark my words as soon as I am back training I will conquer this mental block!

Now I have yet to get to the coolest part of this story. Just a few weeks ago, I had best time partnering with Raida in strength class. We moved through the stations until we reached the weighted sit/stand squats. Raida, being the power house that she is, started with a 60-pound dumbbell. Then she happened to mention she couldn’t do it with 70-pound dumbbell. Right away I remembered how she empowered me many times to face challenges head on, and I jumped on the opportunity to do the same for her. I got her to pick up that 70-pound dumbbell and I spotted her to give her the confidence to just go for it because I had her back. You can guess what happened next, Raida CRUSHED this mental block! It was so rewarding to be part of this victory! So, the next time your brain tries to tell you no, you fight back and give it all you got because YOU CAN DO IT!

If you are looking for an opportunity to get back to feeling on top of your game, you are in luck! The first BodyNetix 21-Day Challenge of 2017 starts February 20th so there is still time to get yourself signed up. I speak from experience, these challenges are the most effective and most FUN you will ever have. Words cannot justify the physical, mental and social benefits you will receive from such a motivated group of people. What are YOU waiting for? Make this your year and sign up for some fanTABulous fitness FUN!

Pregnancy Update!

I am in week 19 of my pregnancy, and must say I am feeling fanTABulous! To be honest, I was quite scared after looking up what to expect when the body begins creating a life. So far, I have been able to continue with my regular work out regime which includes BodyNetix Fitcamp, Total Strength and Yoga. Staying active has proven to be very beneficial as it helps keep my emotions in check (which I’m sure my husband appreciates), blood moving and overall feeling energized and happy. Even better, just yesterday my pregnancy app supported that staying active best facilities healthy growth and development of our baby, and the pictures below appear to support this fact. Thankfully, I have been very fortunate and have not experienced any of the first trimester symptoms such as morning sickness or heart burn. I have had some interesting cravings but am not allowing myself a free pass to eat anything and everything. Now, don’t get me wrong, I have eaten some dishes out of the ordinary, but I do make sure to get my veggies, fruits and protein.

We thought hearing baby’s heart beat was the greatest sound, but then we got to see baby. This Valentine’s Day was the most special and incredible day! We spent the day celebrating our love, while also celebrating Stephen’s birthday and ever-growing wisdom and watching baby move around looking and waving at us. This is one day we will never forget!

Jasmin <3

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