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Jasmin's Fitness Journey: Chapter 7 - Motivation = Recharged

I have a confession to make … I have been struggling with a lack of motivation for my fitness regime lately. Feeling embarrassed and I have been keeping it to myself, and inadvertently been beating myself up over it. But, then something wonderful happened, I had an honest and open discussion (more like heart-to-heart) with a BodyNetix family member. We both were very surprised to learn we have been experiencing the same struggles. Then the discussion came up in strength class that night with other members who were also feeling the fitness blues. The conversation was quite empowering. And Instead of it focusing on the negative aspects people were facing, it was supportive, and very quickly you could feel a positive shift in our mentality and motivation.

The mistake I made was forgetting that we are family, and the best action we can make for ourselves and each other is communicate our successes and, most importantly, our struggles. Something I was feeling for weeks was so quickly reversed simply with sharing. So, the moral of the story is: do not assume you are the only one struggling. Speak up and do not bottle it up inside because that only prolongs the dark cloud following you. Depend on each other for support because this journey that we are all on together is filled with highs and lows. We ought to embrace the lows to truly appreciate the highs. Thank you to those BodyNetix members who enabled me to break through the fog and recharge my motivation!

Pregnancy update

As I head into week 24, I continue to feel healthy and happy. Up until now it wasn’t so noticeable by looking at me that I was pregnant, but my body has changed a lot in the past week. I am seeing and feeling the baby move around daily. What an extraordinary feeling it is! I will be going about my day when all of a sudden I’m surprised by little flutters and nudges. There have been some new challenges such as when I bend over to tie my sneakers I find the belly hinders my ability to breath. My hubby noticed I was struggling so he started tying my laces for me … lol … It’s the little things that make life comfortable. The BodyNetix trainers have started modifying my workouts to allow me to still reap the benefits of staying active. I have been very keen on listening to my body and adjusting as needed. It’s safe to say I’m no longer box jumping or tire flipping but I am still breaking a sweat most importantly having some fanTABulous fitness FUN!

Rest In Peace, Lené Curts.

Lené has been part of my fitness journey from day one. Before starting with BodyNetix, I knew I needed some gear, so I walked into Extreme Runners and was welcomed with a warm smile from this lovely lady. She was so genuine and asked many questions as to what I was going to be doing to fit me for the best kicks possible. Every time I saw her since our first encounter she always expressed interest in my progress, and made me feel so accomplished on my ongoing journey. Over the past couple of years I really enjoyed going to her shop to see the new selections, but most of all I appreciated catching up with Lené. My most heartfelt condolences go out to her family. She was a great and inspirational woman.

- Jasmin <3

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