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Jasmin's Fitness Journey: Chapter 8 - Pregnancy Update!

Well, I have made it more than half way through my pregnancy, now I'm sitting pretty at 28 weeks and entering the third trimester. It has been quite the journey so far, filled with many changes, growth and empowerment. I feel very fortunate for my experiences as I have been able to avoid undesired symptoms like acid reflux and been enjoying baby movements within my belly and overall feeling fanTABulous!

Changes seemed to be quite slow during the first and majority of the second trimester, but then suddenly POP went the belly and the baby’s growth was in full swing. I started eating more frequently, okay that is an understatement, I started eating all the time. Since this major shift in my food intake frequency, I have made sure to be cognizant of what I’m putting into my body. Instead of binge eating chocolate, pickles and potato chips; I have chosen melons (like I mean lots of melons), popsicles and Rice Krispies. Don’t get me wrong, I have also eaten some dishes out of the ordinary, but am not letting that get out of control. Nevertheless, a banana and a piece of cheese is no longer cutting it for a snack…

This picture is of me at the start of the fitness journey in June 2014, to the end of the September 2016 21-day challenge and finally me at just about 26 weeks pregnant.

Along with these behavioural changes, I have experienced a lot of growth both mentally and physically. I have been told numerous times nothing can ever prepare me for the life altering gift of bringing a baby into this world, but I am feeling more mature and less selfish. This must be some form, if even a very little step in the direction of preparation. Every day I am faced with making decisions that would normally just involve myself, but I have been instinctively stopping to think of how my actions may affect my little luvbug. Before I would spend money on whatever my heart desired in a moment, yet now I have been thinking where else could this money be better allocated, and I have even started planning for luvbug’s education. This shift in thinking is new to me. Last year my decisions would be between which designer handbag and shoes to buy, and maybe what colour to change my hair. As for the physical changes, the picture below gives a better explanation. It is so interesting. I went from being so out of shape and focused on losing inches, then focused on setting and attaining new fitness goals, now it is very exciting to watch how my belly is growing.

Another tremendous emotion I have experienced is empowerment. As I become more and more comfortable with my ever so changing life, I feel I can take on the world. I am working lots, stepping up my volunteer positions within the community and taking the time to enjoy all kinds of activities. I look at other mother’s in my life and I see them balancing many different roles all while being amazing role models to their children and still investing in themselves. I am learning from these women so much so I am empowered to do more and be more. It is funny to see the reactions of others as they hear of my adventures and weekend activities, here I am practicing my swing at the driving range before heading off to play a game (and still going strong with my gold game at 28 weeks pregnant).

Jasmin <3

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