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5 Easy Ways to Help Keep Your Health on Track This Summer

If you lose track of your health & fitness game once summer finally hits, you’re not alone. It’s too easy to get distracted with the sunshine, BBQ’s, weddings and late nights. But don’t throw in the towel just because you have lots of engagements to attend. Balance can be found everywhere, it just might look different in the summer months! You should be enjoying everything the warmer months have to offer – guilt free! Just keep a few things a priority as you go about your sun-tanning days.

1.Keep Moving

It’s literally the perfect time to be outside, so go find something active to do! This might be walking, hiking a new trail, playing beach volleyball or trying out a new water sport. Perhaps it’s not the same hardcore winter fitness routine you’ve been keeping (or maybe it is), but that’s ok, just don’t stop all together. Keep active and take advantage of being outdoors on this beautiful island. If hot weather puts a kink in your afternoon activities, there’s lots of action early mornings at BodyNetix if you need to beat the heat!

2. Drink lots of Water

Start first thing in the morning when you wake up and stay hydrated all day long. To avoid energy lulls and headaches, keep drinking that water. Think of minimum 2L/day and drink much more depending on activities and the heat. Take water with you to the beach, running, hiking and definitely before your morning java. If the thought of water doesn’t jazz you up, try out flavoured water with things like lemon, lime, mint, watermelon or ginger to spice things up and add extra nutrients.

TIP: If you’re drinking alcoholic beverages make a point of having a glass of water between drinks to avoid next-day dehydration

3. Healthy BBQ’s

It’s BBQ time! Keep the BBQ’s going, just adjust what you’re eating for sides. Stay away from the heavier, harder to digest salads such as pasta salad, and stick to quinoa, romaine, spinach, Greek style salads. If you’re big on burgers, try using lettuce wraps as an alternative to keep your meal healthier. Avoid sugary marinades and sauces by making your own BBQ worthy sauce-it’s easier than you think! Check out some recipes here.

4. Don’t forget your Healthy Fats

Not only are healthy fats essential for many functions in the body, they are great at keeping you full & satisfied throughout the day, keeping cravings to a minimum. Add in healthy fats to meals or snacks throughout your day. Think avocado, almonds, walnuts, flax, hemp seeds, hemp oil, fish, coconut oil. Try making a point of consuming a variety so you don’t just eat almonds as your go to! Maybe make a delicious guacamole mix to bring to work with veggies slices for dipping.

5. Plan the Week

If weekends are the time to let loose and not have such a structured plan, then plan your week of healthy meals. If you’re week is full of clean eating, your weekend might just follow suit! Aim for making larger portions to help out for next day meals and give you more free time. Wash your veggies and cut if necessary as soon as you get them home so it’s all ready to go when you need it. Plan to make 2 different meals out of the same protein to make your life easier. For example, make crock pot chicken while you’re at work one day, then use leftovers for chicken tacos the next night. Planning is key if eating clean is important to you!


If you have any nutrition questions or would like more information on nutrition and health coaching, give us a call at 250-871-2400 or email us at!

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