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Jasmin's Fitness Journey: Chapter 10 - Enjoying Some ME Time

Jasmin Badrin and friends at 5K Foamfest

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! In my Chapter 9 BodyNetix post, Can Ordinary Inspire, I really put myself out there being interviewed for a Nanaimo Shaw TV show. I must admit, I was hesitant at first to allow myself to be so vulnerable, but the affirmation I received has been remarkable and confirms I made the right decision! My whole purpose for sharing my fitness journey, and so publicly, is to help others because I know first hand what it feels like to struggle and fail. I have felt the disappointment and disgust when looking in the mirror and seeing how badly I treated myself. It is those feelings and experiences that motivate me to help others realize that you too can do better for yourself, and most importantly that YOU deserve to do better for yourself. Nothing feels more fulfilling than when other BodyNetix members, family, friends, and even strangers explain how they relate to my struggles, and how my journey has become a continual motivator to keep them on track. The interview has enabled others to get to know me on a greater more in-depth level and I could not be more grateful to have had this opportunity. If you would like to watch the interview click on my previous BodyNetix blog post for the links.

Currently, I am in my 36th week of pregnancy and I am feeling fanTABulous! June has been such an amazing month for me so far. I started my leave from work to focus on preparing for baby’s arrival and most importantly to enjoy some ME time. The weather has been wonderful so I have had plenty of walks with my dogs on the trails and beaches, and enjoying the time with myself reflecting on my life and the direction I want to take it. I am still very active, as I truly believe this has been the reason for experiencing such a magical pregnancy. Since first finding out I was pregnant in November I have not experienced any morning sickness, heartburn, swollen feet or back aches or pains. In addition to staying active, I have been conscious to my food intake. As tempted as I have been sometimes to eat everything in sight, I have opted for healthier choices and kept my less healthy choices to a minimum. I had an ultrasound at week 35 and baby had a strong heart beat of 137, is growing at the expected rate and is in the perfect position for delivery. My husband, Stephen and I are very excited to meet our lil luvbug, hopefully my next blog will be their first introduction, and my fitness journey will become our fitness journey.

Of course, I cannot leave you with no shared stories of FUN. In week 35, I had the excitement of participating in the Nanaimo 5km Foamfest with an amazing group of women and young ladies. Back in October, I was first asked by another BodyNetix member to join their Foamfest team, so of course I was all for it and made sure to get my mama involved. Little did I know I would be 8 months pregnant! I did make sure to listen to my body and most importantly received clearance from my doctor to participate. It was so much fun, and the coolest part is I will be able to share with lil luvbug that 3 generations of our family completed our first run together. I think I am off to a great start to promoting an active, healthy lifestyle!

Thank you for your support!

Jasmin <3

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