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Jasmin's Fitness Journey: Chapter 13 – It's Challenge Time Again!

I am so excited for this 21-day challenge. I have been feeling out of sorts for far too long, and I believe it’s this challenge that is going to help me find my groove. I started day one of the challenge with a FitCamp then quickly after, the testing. Well it is now three days later and I am still feeling the stairs and squats. Even though my thighs are screaming and I find myself walking down stairs backwards, I am so appreciating because I know this will eventually transform into strength. These challenges are so empowering because they demand focus, determination and commitment. The satisfaction you feel when you finish the 21 days, and the dramatic results you see in your shape, endurance and outlook are remarkable. I can’t wait to show you my results in next months’ post.

Small Victory!

Since delivering my beautiful baby girl, I have been taking it easy in the gym. Making little increases in the weights I choose, and tonight for the first time I took a huge step forward. Since I came back I have been dead lifting 60 pounds, but tonight I dead lifted 110 pounds. I know it is still not where I was pre-pregnancy, but I am feeling fanTABulous about it. YAY for small victories!

Budrina Update

Budrina is growing like a weed. She went from being a tiny little dolly to a little chunky monkey. It makes me so happy to see her thriving. Her personality is starting to show, as she loves to laugh and speak fluent gibberish. We started Mommy and Baby Yoga, and she seems to enjoy it. It’s nice to be in a room with other moms and their babe’s. Seems like a fun way to meet new people and be active together.

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