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Jasmin's Fitness Journey: Chapter 14 – Another Successful 21-Day Challenge!

Congratulations to Megan, Megan and Raida on the community recognition; creating a fun and safe environment for us to play in and being a leader in personal training. We are so lucky to have such empowering women whip our butts into shape and encourage positive lifestyles. Thank you, on behave of the BodyNetix family for your encouragement, customization and passion!

Challenge Results

Yay, another 21 Day BodyNetix Challenge is complete! Congratulations to all participants, everyone finished with impressive results! I have completed five of these challenges so far, and it still amazes me how much can change physically and mentally in such a short time. I am proud to say I lost almost eight inches, and increased my fitness level to include doubling my low-plank time. I like to encourage others to join these challenges because it is inspiring to see what YOU can do when you commit to yourself. It is too easy, and I’m sure we are all guilty of this at some point or another. We get wrapped up in the hustle and bustle of life and end up putting ourselves last. These challenges are great for refocusing, the cherry on top, is getting to do it with others striving for the same goals and most importantly having some fabTABulous fitness fun!

Baby Budrina

Life with Budrina has become very exciting in whole new ways. She is responsive, active and has even started to belly laugh. I am so fortunate to have such a happy baby to enjoy the outdoors and activities like yoga. I must rave about the mama and baby yoga we have been attending. It is the perfect mix of yoga for mama and interaction for baby. We incorporate babe while holding yoga poses, and sing songs that aid with development. It is quite amazing to see how Budrina relaxes when I am focused on my breathing. I treasure these moments where I can slow down and be present with my beautiful baby girl.

Thank you for your support!

Jasmin <3

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