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Jas & Budry do Fitcamp

The benefits of an active lifestyle. We hear all about them on social media, television and even from our girlfriends. It’s easier said than done…at least from my experience. It wasn’t until I joined Bodynetix, I started to enjoy putting in the effort to become healthier. Both the trainers and members taught me that being active can be fun, and the best way to achieve our goals is to go after them together. Everyone has their own level of fitness, whether that’s doing burpees off a bench or full on burpee box jumps. But, no matter where we fall within this spectrum, we all share the goal to be healthy. When I look around a class I see people of all ages from super power athletes to regular individuals like myself. There is no judgement to look, feel, or do something a certain way, just encouragement and empowerment to put in your best effort. Our trainers are no exception; they don’t just lead the classes but join them as well. How many times have we seen them posting videos of them pushing their limits, pictures of their extremely healthy food creations or going as far as getting a black belt and even running 50 kms for some birthday fun. Impressive!

One class that I have been enjoying is Yummy Mommy. I’m so excited it’s starting up again April 10th! It’s a Fitcamp that gives new moms a terrific opportunity to get a workout in, meet other moms and have some fabTABulous Fitness FUN! I love having a class with Budrina, I get to use her as my weight and continue to show her being active is a daily thing we do. With so many babes at different stages, it is amusing to see all the little personalities. It’s also nice being in a room with other like-minded mamas. I highly recommend this class to every new mom. There are so many benefits on top of a wicked workout, so please tell everyone you know Yummy Mommy starts April 10th and let’s get as many mamas benefitting as possible…Budrina and I will be there and look forward to seeing YOU!

Budrina is eight months old, where is the time going? We have been busy with scheduled activities like yoga, Bodynetix workouts, and swimming. We make sure to get out and enjoy the fresh air and explore the forest as much as possible. Then we round out her time with board meetings, art gallery openings and playdates. Budry Bee is an absolute delight, she is learning very quickly and has even popped up two teeth.

Thank you for your support! Please keep letting me know about your goals and challenges. I love hearing about your progress and being able to support each other as we continue our journey together.

Jasmin ❤ ❤ ❤

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