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Well hello everyone! It’s been way too long since my last post & so much as happened. Budrina (oh no, pass me a tissue) well, she is no longer a baby! Being on maternity leave was a surreal experience. The time just passed so quickly not having a set schedule or daily routine. It did help me realize I want the best of both worlds, stay at home to raise Budrina and continue to work...I was to determine to figure out how to make this possible.

Megan Cofield had an interesting post about journaling and how it can be transformational, well I heeded her advice and started putting pen to paper about what I want for our future. I'm glad I did because it has enabled me to find my new focus and a create a plan to achieve a fulfilling and healthy lifestyle.

So now you’re probably wondering what the result was?

I am proud to announce I have opened my own bookkeeping business, Badrin Bookkeeping. This venture allows me the flexibility to stay home yet continue to work, which I find both extremely fulfilling. The biggest factor I believe to the success of this path will be my mental and physical health. So, included in my plan is a major focus on staying committed to my fitness schedule. Something I have learned over the years since beginning this journey is a healthy lifestyle and sweating bring great clarity and stress relief to everyday situations. Now I know I could go anywhere to sweat it out, but I choose Bodynetix because of the members. When I am feeling less motivated, being in a class with others inspires me to push a little more, even if it’s just one more rep. The camaraderie and support within our Bodynetix family is a very powerful force, and not an easy one to replicate. So, now that summer has come to an end let’s get back into it and keep sharing our goals (and struggles) to keep moving forward to where it is we envision ourselves to be.

Now that I’ve given you an update on my life, I can get to the ever exciting Budrina news. I’m convinced Yummy Mommy classes at Bodynetix have encouraged her to try more and be fearless. It is such an amazing class for both mommy and babe, I get my workout in while leading by example and she gets to interact with other babes. Budrina started walking at one and is now onto running, climbing and being extremely active. She is still very social with her volunteer work, gallery openings and activities and is blossoming into a funny very interactive little lady :)

Here are a few pictures to show what she has been up to.



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